Those Summer Nights

I may be writing this post from one the oddest locations I’ve written from so far.

I’m sitting in the middle of my backyard (well, the backyard of the house I share with my roommate, who owns the place) at 11:40 pm. When I say sitting in the yard. I mean sitting in the yard- cross legged in the grass, a good 20-25 feet from the house, in the dark.  It’s about 80 degrees (26 C) so I"m in shorts and a t-shirt. I don’t feel like going to bed because it’s been a great day and a great weekend, and tomorrow being Memorial Day, I don’t have to go to work.

Why am I outside? Because as I left Meg’s parents’ house earlier this evening I noticed that my favorite time of the Southern year has started. I was mistakenly told it wouldn’t start iuntil July or August, but here it is, late May, and the lightning bugs (of fireflies) are out in force. There were plenty of them at the Carriere household, but there are only a few here in the back corner of the yard. Maybe it’s getting too late for them and they’ve shut down for the night. I haven’t spent enough time in firefly country to know what their normal hours of luminescent operation are. All I know is that watching them is one of the simplest and most enjoyable pleasures in life.

Another simple pleasure that I’ve been missing out on lately is gret music. It’s been months since I heard something new that I really liked, and I lost a good chunk of my digital music collection when I moved last September. Today in the car Meg and I listened to a mix cd that I made for her ages ago and it reminded me of a lot of the great music I haven’t heard in a while.

Now I’m hungry for more music, so I’m relying on you people out there to recommend some. We watched Elizabethtown tonight, and though it wasn’t an outstanding movie (think of a more poorly written and slower moving Garden State) it had a lot of good tunes. Lately I’ve been in a folk-rock kind of mood- Pete Yorn, Denison Witmer, Aaron Sprinkle, Kathleen Edwards, etc. If you can suggest anything in that vein, or something entirely different, I’d be much obliged.

It might even inspire me to post more frequently.

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