Trip To The Doctor

Now that I’ve been in the country for almost two years and have had full medical insurance for well over a year I finally got around to actually going to an American doctor for the first time.

The office I went to had one doctor. She has a staff of at least three. There was nobody in the waiting room when I got there and only two people in it when I left (and they might have been together). As a new patient I filled out a few standard forms (that I would have filled out in Canada) and then waited just long enough to read half of a Newsweek article. Then I was escorted into an exam room where I had my temp and blood pressure taken. Five minutes later I met the doctor and 15 minutes after that I was done. I wasn’t rushed and I covered everything I wanted to cover. Total cost on top of my insurance- $25. I happily would have paid that in Ottawa if it meant bypassing the 90 minute wait in a crowded clinic.

I could get to like this whole private health care thing.

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